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Trinity 3D – Animation, VFX, Gaming

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Trinity 3D – Animation, VFX, Gaming


Arena’s Trinity 3D is a complete package! Get skills in three in-demand industries – animation, VFX & gaming. Triple your career opportunities by completing this premium 3-in-1 course*.

Bollywood & Hollywood films, TV programs & advertisements rely on VFX & animation to add supplementary touches to their works, be it to create a mythical creature, a historical era or enhance the natural surroundings. By 2020, the Animation & VFX industry in India will be worth ₹11360 crores.The gaming industry is growing fast too, at a CAGR of 18.2%.**

Trinity 3D trains you in all aspects of animation, VFX and gaming. With three exciting industries to choose from, on completing this course, you get a competitive edge over others

Course Highlights

  • Access to Creosouls: Share your creative portfolio with the world, get feedback from experts, find job opportunities and get hired.
  • Instant student loan facility to fund your studies at Arena, with real-time loan eligibility check & instant approval confirmation.
  • The complete technical know-how of animation, VFX and gaming
  • 100% job placement assistance
  • Hands-on training using in-demand tools including Maya Unlimited, Nuke, Nuke X, Houdini & Unity Game Engine
  • Access to Onlinevarsity: Arena’s exclusive web portal that adds to your classroom learning experience

Career options

  • 3D Character Animator
  • 3D Asset Artist
  • Character Designer
  • CG Lighting & Rendering Artist
  • Pre-production Designer – Animation
  • Pre-production Artist – Games
  • Compositors
  • 3D Matchmoving Artist